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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

writing a blog and em duas linguas

I enjoyed Miguel Vale de Almeida's blog posting "Olha, alguém com o mesmo nome que eu..." (Look, someone with the same name as me..."). He describes how he bought the paper "A Capital" (which he rarely buys) only to find an article "Opinião: Blogmania" a third of which was quoting from his blog. No-one asked his opinion to publish it, and despite having written a column for a newspaper during a number of years, he felt very strange seeing his blog words in a newspaper. A newspaper whose words will be stored in the National Library. Writing for his newspaper audience, in terms of language and content, was quite different from adapting your writing for a "community" that you feel is involved in the writing of your blog. As he says: "É difícil explicar, mas ainda são media diferentes, com mensagens diferentes, com identidades de autor diferentes. (It's difficult to explain, but they are quite different media, with different messages, with different author identities).

I feel like I have an additional twist in my writing. I feel like I'm accountable to different audiences. Both Portuguese speaking and non-Portuguese speaking. I can't explain it fully yet. But I would write differently if I didn't have have both (os meus gajos! ) good Portuguese friends - and international and Portuguese friends/colleagues who read my blog and hold me into account (in my real life, not just online) for what I say. It's a weird sensation that has sent me off one on one of my thought tracks ...


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