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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Technologies, gaps and language

I sat like a puding today ... all day .. in front of my computer, playing with new things related to blogs and technology. I can see that I'm going to have to update my blog.

My mind almost blows up, not when I feel accountable to communities who keep up to date with these technologies as a matter of course. Nor when I feel accountable to communities who don't know anything about them (nor have any idea of what they are missing). My mind blows up when I see the growing gap between these two communities I belong to.

And you don't stand a chance of keeping up if you can't read lots of text in English, let alone contribute.

My reality is that I have many third year business students in Portugal doing degrees in Marketing, Human Resources, Logistics and Management Information Systems, who tell me that they can't/don't read anything in English. And neither do they use new tecnnologies - except Google which they seem to see as a tool for capturing "answers" for their "works".

The wires in my brain start short-circuiting again.


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