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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Using blogs in education

Next Friday I'm giving a workshop - to my colleagues in the different schools in IPS - on the use of Wikis and blogs for creating a professional portfolio.

So my ears pricked up to see this interactive version of using blogs in education which is a remix of Scot Leslie's matrix of uses of blogs in education.

I think this remix could be helpful for getting people to think about the different ways of using blogs as a process - and not as a product.

My experience is that most people see online tools as a way of publishing or broadcasting their final product to an even greater number of people. Getting them to see that collaborative involvement in the process is where it's at is like speaking another language.

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Blogger Mariana Dias said...

Olá Beverly
Estou no workshop sobre blogs, e estou a achar muito interessante. Ainda não me tinha aventurado neste mundo dos blogs, e para primeira experiência está a ser fantástica. Espero que tenha sido apenas o ínicio de uma linda viagem.

5/26/2006 04:02:00 PM  

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