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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Waiting for the creative power

I can't believe I took (almost) a whole weekend off. It's the first time in years - with no exaggeration. I just did a normal thing and went to Porto. No touristic rides up the Douro ... just self-indulgent, hedonistic pleasure exploring Porto nightlife ... the clock went back 20 years. And nope, I didn't feel guilty either for not working nor for not doing anything that would make me more cultured. It's the longest I've been without a computer - and that's what it took.

Now I'm waiting for for the creative power to hit me. In Presentation Zen Garr Reynolds is writing some posts about cultivating your creative side. Quoting from Brenda Ueland's little book he says:

"...the creative power is in all of you if you give it a little time, if you do not always keep it out by hurrying and feeling guilty in times when you should be lazy and happy."

He could be talking about my own obsession when he says : "Idling or 'doing nothingness' is important. Most of us, myself included, are obsessed with 'getting things done.' We're afraid to be 'unproductive.' And yet, the big ideas often come to us during our periods of 'laziness,' during those episodes of 'wasting time.'"

Hey ho, that's my sickness. I cannot stand to waste time. Even lying on the beach has to be because I have to catch up on a sleep. And when I've caught up, then it's time to go home!

But what I want to know is ... how do I do nothing and also get all those things done? Oh dear ... I'm clearly not over it ... I need more training in unbusying myself.



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