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Friday, May 26, 2006

Procreating bloggers

Today I did an afternoon workshop with colleagues from across our five schools (*)  to help them create a blog for their professional portfolio.

What did I re-feel in their experience as they started their own blog?

  • the delight in starting to construct an identity online;

  • the realisation that people are going to read it i.e. feeling accountable to something bigger than your department or School  ...

  • a dawning realisation that if you write in Portuguese, then your audience - and therefore your identity - will be quite different than if you write in English;

  • a hint of the potency of new technologies and a sub-conscious realisation of the new relationships they could generate.

I've put the feeds for all the blogs into a Superglu account, so all the blog posts now appear on one Superglu page. Does that mean I'm suggesting that a Web2.0 technology is responsible for bringing people from across disciplines and across School all onto the same page?

(*) School of Business, Schools of Technology (2), School of Education, School of Health.

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