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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Nos hibridos...

I'm struggling again through Homi K. Bhabha's book "The Location of Culture". I really relate to his notion of the "the third space" and "the liminal negotiation of cultural difference" and "hybridity". It's a relief to hear that you (or I) don't have to speak from either one cultural, class or gender identity or another, but that there is a negotiated third space (in theory at least). And that in this hybrid space we produce rather than reflect cultural meaning.

I've been thinking of how this will affect my day-to-day life. What will I reply the next time someone asks me, as they often do: what do you do in your culture? Or, even worse, O que vocês fazem lá? Normally I ponder three seconds to understand if the person is referring to "lá" or "your culture" as Kenya, England or Portugal before I reply. But from now on I'm going to reply: "Well, we in the third space .... " or "We hybrids in the liminal space ...."

Pois, nós tipos no terceiro espaço. Ou seja, nos híbridos no espaço liminar... :-)


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