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Monday, July 25, 2005

Hands-on session with Midori

Early tomorrow I go to San Francisco. A friend has challenged me to come to a "hands-on rope bondage session" with "Midori who is one of the world best rope bondage people currently around".

I contemplate it.

My daughter (22) and my son (16) are unanimous in their disbelief. You! You who wear flat shoes and live on the ground floor so you know you can always get away! You who always warn us always to check the fire exits when we enter a disco! No .. you can't be telling us this... What?? You're thinking of going?? Well P-L-E-A-S-E, spare us the details.

My thoughts wonder, possibly unconnectedly, to what I pass most days on my walk in the Serra. I walk past the bushes where men can go and visit a prostitute. She's there every day in a nicely secluded place. Sometimes there is a car there that I recognise - sometimes I know it's the father of a child in my local school. In fact in Setúbal there are lots of places where a car or lorry driver can stop by the side of the road for a quick session of whatever they want with a tart who will pull up her skirt.

I contemplate the hypocrisy and repression I have seen seeded in a Catholic society and with the SM scene where I sense (probably unfairly) a decadence and emptiness.

But there's one thing that strikes me. It's the contrast between the opportunity for erotica and for diva status of someone (often women/"foreign") working in a sexually open society. And the seediness and lowly (often humiliating) status of someone (often women/"foreign") working in a closed one.

I think I'll go to the session. Maybe I'll overcome my fear of being tied down. And maybe even I'll enjoy it :-) But above all, I like to think that it's something for fun and for talking about, and to be led by someone who gets status for their people and interaction skills (!) and not a seedy secret just for sickos.


Blogger Nancy White said...

Hey, maybe you'll find more women blogging there! Have fun. See you in the Bay Area soon!

7/26/2005 01:08:00 AM  

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