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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Categories and tagging

Thanks to FreshBlog instructions about how to use tags for categories. That's a great technology leap forward that's going to help me organise my docblog writing. It's a different type of categorising than I've used in my portfolio blog where everything I write has to go in only one of four categories. That excellent solution came from Netcf2.

I wish there was an easy way of doing tags in retrospect. I started a PhD blog with thoughts, references and snippets back in 2002. It would be great if that had all been tagged.

In one of my worlds where people are locked into SamePlaceSameTime (SPST) sharing content is big cheese. In my SPST world the innovating thing about technology is that it's a tool for helping you share content - potentially challenging the power politics around access to information. But what's really so fascinating about new (Web 2.0) technologies is that you are not only sharing content, but you are also sharing your processes for organising, your mental maps, and your social networks. Now that's a ginormous cheese!

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