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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A portfolio blog this time

It's taken me all day to prepare things for this portfolio pilot project we are doing for lecturers in my Institution. My portfolio is going to be in the form of a blog with categories for the different entries. The highlight of my day was to use a hacking tip from netc42 about how to create categories in Blogger Blogs. It works beautifully.

So in contrast to the usual secretive way we normally go about our practice in Higher Education I'm going to tell all on my teaching learning portfolio in English, Portuguese and Portuglish. Even the rules I don't stick to. With a bit of luck there's an inverse relationship between people who care about rules and people who read blogs.

So that makes three regular blogs: this one, a blog for my students related to our discipline and now the portfolio blog. It's hardly suprising I don't have time to write my thesis. I'll know when I'm on the right track because "Em duas línguas" will become my doctorate blog.

I'm liking the way that on my Yahoo 360º page I put all my blog feeds into one place. Although the page looks like yet another sidetrack, I think it's pretty neat the way you could use it to consolidate the different online spaces you inhabit.

P.S. Since writing this post I've had problems getting the portfolio blog to work. You can only see it if you click on archives. What you are seeing is 24 hours old.


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