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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another lesson in learning to wait ...

"We would like your advice about an e-learning course" asked someone from the Concelho Pedaogogica of our neighbouring School of Technology. And I feel happy that after all these years I am finally being consulted - I feel a warm, natural smile.

"You know how we have these short (one-week) courses for people from outside and inside the Insitution?" she says. "Well, we've decided to start one of these courses online and we are hoping you can help us." My heart swells with camaradarie.

"Do you think it's better to start with a face-to-face phase or is it better to begin online?"

She has no idea that she just pushed my enthusiasm button. (And if you want the power point presentation or the text just let me know.) I respond with gusto recounting my experience, my reflections and my suggestions for running a course or a module or a workshop that has a face-to-face component. Start with an online ramp-up, move to a face-to-face event and then have an online follow-on.

With great interest and politeness she waits until I have finished talking. "Thank you" she says. "That's very interesting. Now, do you think we can manage to do all that in five days between a Monday and Friday?"