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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Planning via a Wiki -some process thoughts

The process of pre-planning a possible BlogHer em Portugal conference via a wiki is fascinating. (It's on the Blogopedia set up by Paulo Querido).

The sensation of planning an event on a wiki seems quite different to planning via email or other online space. What's different is that there's no conversation about what you do, you just do it. I've used it for collaborative writing but not collaborative planning with people I don't know and have never spoken to. I wonder if you can effectively plan an entire event with people you don't know only through a Wiki. And how well would you know them after going through that process of working together?

There's also an interesting issue about language especially if you are writing in a second language. Do you, or should you, correct or reformulate someone's language on a wiki? And should you correct it or expect it to be corrected in the planning of an event?


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