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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Women bloggers - a different story

The results of a study presented at the II Encontro de Weblogs at Universidade da Beira Interior say that there is a balance between blogs written by men and by women.

But there is a different story told by Bomba Intellegente, "blogue de Carla .... " who signs herself "Charlotte". It's the story she told at a seminar about women bloggers Falar de blogs no feminino.

In the beginning she refused the invitation to speak at something that made the distinction between blogs written by men and blogs written by women. But in the end accepted. As she didn't know what to say about women bloggers and what motivated them she just told her own story. She started her blog in fun, choosing the nickname Charlotte which means the same as Carla as she explained in her early blog posts. Except for a strange cat Varandas who sometimes appears on her posts she never uses other characters in her blog. Her blog entries are an exagarated version of her day-to-day life.

Then, the day she published a short audio-clip on her blog, she received a series of e-mails from her regular blog readers apologising for the fact that they had always assumed she was a man.

Then for the second insult. She appeared on film as the author of her blog. And for a second time received a load of e-mails from readers apologising becuase they had alwyas thought she must be someone around 50 or 60 years old.

As she says, there is nothing in the blog of Bomba Intelligente that suggests she is a sixty year old male called Carlos Manuel who signs himself Charlotte ...

Her story tells me a lot more than the findings of a study which claims that there is a trend for equal number of male and female bloggers. And I would be interested to find out on what basis they came to that conclusion.


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