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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The first day of the blog conference

Here is the conference blog to the II Encontro de Weblogs in Portugal. And this is a translation of "First Impressions" of the conference blog entry:

"The opening session began after the first work group meetings, with the presence of Mário Raposo, vice-rector of UBI, Paulo Serra, presendent of the Departamento de Comunicação e Artes, João Canavilhas, organiser of the initiative and Ricardo de Araújo Pereira (Gato Fedorento). The very funny talk of the latter highlighted the connection established between blogs and democracy. Ricardo de Araújo Pereira sees blogs as "a complement to democracy itself", a way that people give their opinion through writing."

Earlier this year I participated at the BlogHer conference in Santa Clara, US where I felt removed from the frantic pace of technologies and drama around blogs. But I also feel far removed from a blogging community so painfully stodgy as this one.

Hence, I busy myself dancing in between the two worlds (where two is a metaphor for more than one) - both peculiar and at home in both.


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