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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Study of blogs in Portugal

I'm not at the "II Encontro de Weblogs" but I'm following its developments on their blog - and translating some bits.

Manuel Pinto (Jornalismo e Comunicação) e Leonel Vicente (Memória Virtual) presented the results of a study by Mediascópio who analyse media trends in Portugal. The general conclusions of the study are:
• There is an equal balance of men and women bloggers;
• A significant proportion of blogges have higher education;
• It's a phenomena that has lost its novelty appeal and is now cruising;
• Its a phenomena that involves a significant time of everyday life;
• Above all bloggers blog to speak from the soul and to share ideas, but also the blogosphere is a place for informing and intervening in society;
• In relation to media professionals the blogosphere is complementary rather than an alternative.


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