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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Weblogs and Teaching

Or rather, "How to neutralise the discourse about a potentially transformative and empowering learning tool".

Back to the II Encontro de Weblogs and a translation of the conclusions from workgroup on Weblogs and Teaching.

"In the concrete example of teaching Rogério Santos, responsible for the blog Indústrias Culturais talked of blogs as a form of communication between teachers and students. Of the blogs connected to Higher Education, Rogério Santos cited, amont others, Ponto Media, Jornalismo e Comunicação, JornalismoPortoNet Weblog, Aula de Jornalismo, Espaço Público e o NetFM. As well as the issues related to teaching these are also spaces for public discussion about the media and journalism, for example.

"Many of these blogs don't come as part of the Institution itself, which seems wrong to me", said Rogério Santos. "Blogs could be a way of promoting the University".

"Blogs allow the instant sharing of knowledge on the web. What's curious is that, normally, the most timid students share many more ideas through writing on a blog. Another advantage is the permanant availabilty (of the knowledge) for consultation and the possibility to assess progress over time. The teacher should show that participation on a blog will what is analysed. A lot of interactivity and collaboration is possible.

The blog should be just one tool used by students and professors, but not the only electronic tool."


Blogger Rogério Santos said...


10/16/2005 05:19:00 PM  
Blogger Michael Hoag said...

I am (among other things) a teacher of English as a Second Language in the US.

My classes will be putting together a blog about the imagrant experience in the US. I originally planned on doing the page only in English, but now I think that I will make the page multilingual-- with everyone writing both in their own language and in English.

I'll show my students your page tonight-- it is just amazing to me how the web can connect people from different places....

10/26/2005 07:01:00 PM  

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