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Monday, January 02, 2006

A retrospective thanks to blogging, 2005

I have lots of people to thank for 2005, but in terms of blogging I'm really very happy to know Nancy White of Full Circle from whom I get more than my fair share of inspiration, ideas, links and encouragement.

People whose interest and comments have spurred me on have also come from Sãõ em Timor and Zé Rebelo who might one day start his own blog. Mónica André from B2B is a FOAF but, in our online interactions, has come to feel like someone I have met and know well.

I went to desabafar (or, rather - to rant) on Ricardo's blog of zone41 which began Estes ingleses continuam os mesmos ... (These English people carry on in the same way...) and value our brief email communications since then.

A project that I celebrate is the Blogopedia - uma enciclopédia de weblogs e bloggers, servindo de fonte de informação sobre projectos editoriais e seus autores, started and mostly maintained by Paulo Querido. I have to hang around the edges because I'm not one of the bloggers que editam em língua portuguesa - I mostly write in English, but read, comment and sometimes write in Portuguese.

Paulo Querido has started keeping his blog in Portuguese and in English. I am inspired by the way it is laid out in English, Portuguese and both languages. That's how I would like to do mine one day. I'm going to suggest a session on bilingual blogging for the next blogging conference.

I commented on Sabine's courage to talk about an intimate health problem she had in Insustentavel Leveza and feel touched by our brief exchange of emails.

I have been blown away by the breadth and depth of the BlogHer conference that I attended in July 2005. At the time I didn't fully appreciate the enormity of the event and its potential influence. I now feel even more grateful for the invitation and sponsorship of my participation which happened through Nancy White. A conversation has started in the Blogopedia about holding a BlogHer em Portugal - or a similar women's blogging event. Without overcommitting myself as I have a thesis to write, I hope that gets going.

Thank to Harry of Para inglês ver - his comments, our backchannel conversations and his supporting words have spurred me on in times of low motivation. And to Paulo of Pauloya - a Portuguese guy living in Turkey - for his comments and sharing of experiences about living em duas línguas.

I have had a lot of fun reading Vitriolica Webb's ite at Unkemptwomen. Her disrespectful drawings and descriptions of Portuguese, English people and tourists in Portugal are familiar scenes and sometimes have me howling with glee! I probably pass by her house when I go cycling and we're talking about meeting up for coffee. She started a collaborative blog story and I am fascinated by the way in this online world that Nancy White from Seattle, USA - who I know - is writing a chapter for the blog story organised by Vitriolica in Azeitão, PT (next door to me in Setúbal) - who I don't know.

And talking of Seattle and online connections, I love the way that Lee LeFever of Common Craft, a blog about social design for the web that I used to read, has taken off with wife to travel round the world (see "The world is not flat") and that Setúbal, Portugal is on his agenda when I'll meet him.

As I said in my (imaginary) nomination of João Vasconcelos Costa's blog Reformar a Educação Superior a big thanks for the really informative content of his blog and the way in which he does it. After a couple of emails related to my comment about him not tagging, he has now started tagging - and I feel satisfied to imagine I influenced blogging in Higher Education in Portugal.

Particularly special last week was receiving the poems of Masud Taj of Black Cube whose articles I pondered on in September and December of 2004. I think they are inscapes, a form of poetry that has me spellbound. Imagine a poem by a cockroach that keeps you mesmerised - black cube magic?

There's lots more, but in short I feel quite overwhelmed by the doors and windows that have opened up with blogging. And while some people might think I spend my life just sitting at my computer, I hold quiet in the knowledge that I'm part of an active world of events and social relations taking place in a time/place dimension that may be passing them by!

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