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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bad timing for blogging

A friend, also working in Higher Education, writes that she can't blog these days. Her worries echo those of mine and other colleagues across the sector (Higher Education in Portugal and probably other countries in Europe). She says it's shameful to see the way colleagues are fighting each other in the fear of being laid off. In such an atmosphere you don't want to be sharing your thoughts and feelings.

It may be shameful, but it's hardly surprising. Huge cuts in number of lecturers, precarious contract renewal that depends on where (and how) you have managed to claw your way up the hierarchy. And a serious economic recession with no great opportunities for employment. We are the only profession that is not entitled to unemployment benefit.

I've never been very good on timing. And I do ask myself why I'm blogging so publicly - on three blogs, no less - when this is the time to be jumping hoops, grovelling and above all watching my back. Conversations, sharing, and all technologies related to Web 2.0 be damned!

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