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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Deep breath: I will never keep up

I have to-do reminders on my i-cal, I have to-do post-its all over my desk-top, I have paper post-its stuck all round my work-space. I have a project management space in Basecamp. I even have a flip-chart next to my sofa with the very most urgent things I have to do this week.

And that's not counting the growing pile of books and papers which is starting to block the sun from the window.

I read Kathy Sierra on Creating Passionate Users gives some tips for combating Information Anxiety. It's called the myth of "keeping up".

The most helpful advice is at the end:
... take a deep breath and repeat after me, "I will never keep up. Keeping up is a myth." And if it makes you feel any better, add, "John isn't keeping up either."

So there it is. My Zen moment of the day: I will never keep up. And yes, I do feel better knowing that John isn't either!


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