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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Me and Anthony

I know it might look like I was enjoying living by the sea today. But the truth is I was curled up with "Modernity and Self-Identity: Self and Society in the Late Modern Age" (Anthony Giddens).

Giddens, who I got to through structuration theory, and who some describe as Britain's best social scientist, had me hooked on what he had to tell me about my life and my blog.

Not that he mentions my (or any) blog - and he doesn't mention my name, of course. But of all the quotes, this is one that sums it up:
"...self-identity today is a reflexive achievement. The narrative of self-identity has to be shaped, altered and reflexively sustained in relation to rapidly changing circumstances of social life, on a local and global scale. The individual must integrate information deriving from a diversity of mediated experiences with local involvements in such a way as to connect future projects with past experiences in a reasonably coherent fashion."
This quote is one that just has to go in our paper...

What kind of life do I lead that the only way to get an uninterrupted reading of seminal writers is to go on a ferry ride to Troia-Comporta and spend a couple of hours on the beach!

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