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Sunday, November 14, 2004


I'm clapping here for the way the Diário de Noticias is covering the critical situation in Holland at the moment. In fact, they started their analysis after the film release and before Theo Van Gogh was murdered.

However, I AM uneasy about the headline and what it implies: "Holandeses e imigrantes entre medo e intolerância" or "The Dutch and immigrants between fear and intolerance". Are "the immigrants" not also "the Dutch"? There are Islamic extremists (and also plain thugs and bullies who could be Islamist, Catholic, Calvanist or Jewish ....) living in Holland who don't buy into a society that holds liberal views on things like free speech, abortion, gay marriage, legal prostitution soft drug consumption. But it is a BIG mistake to be distinguishing people from Holland as either "Dutch" or "immigrants".


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