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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

News from everywhere

I haven't written my blog for a few days now and I wonder why. With this sensation of moving in and out of different worlds I'm constantly negotiating who I am and where I'm going!! Then I lose sight of what I'm trying to do in this blog or what I want to talk about here (as opposed to in other places).

So I remind myself that here I'm exploring living in two languages and all that represents. But what I'm finding is that a lot of what it represents is related to my past (not necessarily in two languages). That brought me to think of a good friend I worked with on non-mainstream education projects in England almost twenty years ago. His career path was school head, but he opted to "por as mãos na massa" working in grassroots projects in Latin America - among other things. Through his example of speaking many languages I was alerted then to the political and social importance of speaking different languages, even though I'm not a natural multi-lingual person. Just someone who tries.

Anyway, this is the online newpaper my old-time friend (and once mentor) continues to write monthly, used by teachers in Britain and beyond: News From Everywhere. And as I've recently been involved in a project with teachers working on "inclusion", mostly in Portugal but also UK and Romenia, I thought they might be interested in subscribing to it.

"News from Everywhere is published every week during school and college term-times.
It is intended for people who are interested in digging out the real issues behind the news.
It is presented in such a way as to challenge some of the assumptions behind the mainstream media.
It presents facts and asks questions.

It is short and avoids the need to wade through oceans of text.
Please get in touch with me at the email address below with any comments you may have."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fantastic site, News from Everywhere! Thanks for that link. I'm passing it along to all the teachers I know and subscribing for myself.

11/24/2004 03:13:00 PM  
Blogger ze said...

não venho aqui muito...só às vezes
mas quando venho sinto-me bem!
Gosto quase sempre das sugestões, dos desabafos, dos dilemas...
As dicas, os links,abrem um universo que me agrada muito e me faz pensar...e aprender...

11/29/2004 03:36:00 AM  

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