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Monday, March 21, 2005

Hey Sally ...

I was looking through my photos today and I found one you would have laughed about with me.
It was the poster we made at our first international conference. We did a "direita" (stayed up all night) to prepare a work of love, something that shouted loud the people we thought we were! So proud we were at how we managed to combine our ideas and our creativity for the conference - and in the poster mode!

Oh how we laughed a couple of years later at our ingenuity, our ridiculousness ... and our brazenness!

Now two years after you died I laugh and I cry at our ingenuity and wisdom. Mavor and Trayner in our papers. Mavor then Trayner for your son. Everything is really just one step leading on to the next. Nothing is ever a full stop.

As I contemplate the obviousness and paradoxes of life I also cry with joy and sadness as I bear witness to how we skipped and jumped, pirouetted and leaped, trotted and beat out warpaths, knelt and rolled in the grass, and splashed in glorious fountains glorying in all the myriads of dance at some really stuffy conferences in some of the cheapest hotels and with no institutional support - just in the hope of articulating our ideas!

There is nothing I do, Sally, that isn't for Joy.
There isn't a day I don't dance - physically or metaphorically.
My dear, dear friend.

A poem by Sally Mavor, Coimbra Hospital, 2001
- when the cancer got to your medula and you lost so much of your body, but none of your mind.

Dancing with Sally

Oh, my dear friends!

When you stride in the hills
Looking high over lake and forest

When you clamber down narrow paths
to reach that hidden beach

When you step out on the floor
with wild rhythm in your feet

When you stroll in shaded paths
with your arm around your loved one

When you dive in clear water
and kick the spray behind you

Then, dear friends,

Skip and jump
Wriggle your toes in the sand
Pirouette and leap
Trot or beat out a warpath
Kneel and roll in the grass.
Splash a glorious fountain
Glorying in all
the myriads of dance

Do it for Joy!
Do it for yourselves
And, yes, please do it for me,
so that I can dance through all your feet
sharing and laughing with dancing friends


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