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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Women who got in

I was interested to see (in "Os Tempos que Correm") the proportion of women who were voted in during the elections (in Portugal) on Sunday. Bloco Esquerda, the smallest party who doubled their number of votes, had 50% of women voted in. The Communist Party had slightly more than fourteen percent of women. The two parties who lost a huge percentage of the electorate had a bit more than 8% of women. And the winning socialists had 28+%.

BE: 4 em 8 (50%)
CDS/PP: 1 em 12 (8.33%)
CDU: 2 em 14 (14.29%)
PS: 34 em 120 (28.33%)
PSD: 6 em 72 (8.33%)

All in all, a good sign for the BE and for women. In fact the only policy that really separated the Socialists (who won) from the Social Democrats (who lost) was the one on women's right to chose ("aborto"). The Socialists, who got an overwhelming majority, have promised to ease the laws and hold a referendum. Women on Waves have done a good job of getting the issue into public debate, so hopefully there will be more people voting than the 32% who voted in the last referendum. (I wasn't one as I can't vote in referendums).


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