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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A great childhood!

The other day someone (else) exclaimed at what a great childhood I must have had - being brought up in Kenya. That got me thinking ...

One thing I remember about being a child was sour milk. Our milk came from "up country", was transported to the Railway Station (before the days of refigerated trucks), caught the overnight train to Mombasa where it was delivered to Omees, the grocery store. The milk was never entirely fresh by the time it got to our fridge. However, if Omees had stocked Corn-flakes that week, and if the weevils hadn't got too far into the cereal, then we would have Corn-flakes and (slightly sour) milk on a Sunday. It was a real treat.

Aged fifteen I went to school in England. Every morning (excpet Sundays) we had the choice of Corn-flakes, Rice Crispies or Weetabix with delicious fresh milk. It seemed such a luxury to me - as my schoolmates complained about the lack of choice. I only knew about having fresh papaya or mango or pineapple which came from our garden - and hardly a day went by when I didn't think what a great childhood my English school-friends must have had!


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