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Saturday, June 11, 2005

A private thought

When I first started writing a blog it was more like a sort of diary. It felt very straightforward.

I also started getting comments on my blog entries - as many comments from strangers as from people I know, including neighbours in my my bairro. Some friends read it even without understanding the English very well.

Then as I started reading other people's blogs I saw that real bloggers integrate lots of links and used their blogs for networking. Sharing and giving links and information are crucial. Things like RSS feeds and Tecnorati profiles are almost passé.

The Portuguese blogs I follow are more like social-political commentaries, which I can read but don't feel permitted to write.

Anyway, just to say that the confusion in my mind about who I'm writing for and for what purpose blocks me from blogging. It's not enough to say that I am only writing for myself. I can't disentangle myself from real and imagined audiences who are the people I'm in dialogue with.

It's something related to my identity and it feels important to work through.


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