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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Feeling who I am

I keep telling myself that I'm not going to write another post until I've moved over to Wordpress. Moving to Wordpress isn't just a matter of using a different weblog platform it's also related to a sorting out of my identity, which is also related to my doctorate, which is related to my life...

Identity is what I don't have where I work. Or rather, the gap between my identity where I work and the one I have of myself has become so big that I have no idea how to bridge it.

Today I had a brainwave. If I stop being "exclusiva" and take up more of the work that's offered to me outside my Institution, then my current employment would just be a little extra something that I do to keep up a small regular income. My main income would come from the different projects and workshops I'm being invited to advise to or run.

That would leave me free to define and give myself a name that's more in line with who I think I am. Feeling who I am in life will help me write my doctorate and will help me get clearer about my categories. Blogger doesn't have categories so I have to move to Wordpress.

Do you get it?

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