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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Soft and flexible methodology - count me in

Thank you "Purse Lip Square Jaw" - you said it so much better than me as you review your doctoral project methodology:
"While the linear, the hard and the metallic have certain appeal, I've always preferred the voluptuous, the soft, the fleshy. But mostly I'm interested in the ontological and epistemological dimensions of things that squish and leak, things that move, things that always already shape-shift."

I have to make sure that I know the Portuguese words for those synonyms for 'flexible': "adjustable, alterable, compliant, elastic, formable, impressionable, indulgent, irrepressible, malleable, recuperative, susceptible, unstable, yielding."

So far: ajustável; alteravél; (I have a problem with "compliant" because it translates to complacente or submisso); elástico; formável; intriguigingly "impressionable" is impressionável or sensível (sensitive) i.e impressionable = sensitive; indulgente, irrefreável...

And I'm wondering about people's reactions as I speak of my methodology as 'soft' in Portuguese: "affectionate (carinhoso), caressing (carícia), comfortable (confortável), easeful, effortless, faint, fleshy (corpulento, sucelento), fluid (fluido), gracious, melodious, murmured, pitying, soothing, spineless (fraco), undemanding (inexigente) weak."

I'm all there - many won't be!



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