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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Does this count as spam?

Last year I went to the demonstration of an e-learning system being developed by Universidade Piaget. To get into the system a temporary account was set up with my name and email address.

Since early yesterday morning I have been receieving an email from the system every three and a half minutes, day and night. It tells me that the system is out of service until the 7th August and the new version will be ready on the 8th August. The email ends with this friendly instruction:
"Grato pelo vosso cuidado na leitura desta mensagem." (Thank you for your care in reading this message).

When I woke up yesterday to find the first 40 messages I set the filter for it to go into trash. But lots of people are on holiday now. I wonder how many thousands of emails they will return to when they get back!


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