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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Flexible learning ...

It's that time of year ...
Context: third year degree students at the Business School where I work. It goes something like this (in Portuguese):
Dear Teacher
You don't know me as I have never attended any of your classes, nor have I made any contact with you. This is because I have been very busy because I have a sick aunt/I am a working student/I can't speak English ...
Neither have I attempted either of the two Evaluation Systems we have had to pass your discipline (Avaliação Continua ou Exame). However, I will now attempt the final chance I have to pass the discipline.
Please understand that this is the only disciplina I have em atráso. If I don't pass your discipline, then I will not pass the year and I will not go to the fourth year. Please also understand that eu tenho muitos dificuldades em inglês; it is very difficult for me to do a discipline in English.
Send me all the materials that I need to study for the exam and tell me what the exam will be like. I will pass by your office on Monday evening before the exam to tirar duvidas (remove doubts).
Thank you for your understanding.
Without further ado,
your Student.



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