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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I've got it! I've got the answer.

I've found the answer to my blog. I must write it down before it slips away.

"Em duas línguas ...some thoughts while living two languages, and all that those languages represent". That's what the title of this blog says. And in my blog video I say that it represents my thoughts while navigating through different worlds.

In this messy world I live in, my identity slips crazily in and out of focus as I cross academic, disicplinary, national, linguistic, and personal boundaries. Through my blog I've been working my way through that, helped by messy methods.

In writing this "literature review" we have just finished for the Community Informatics Research Network Conference in Prato in October I discover that those (often) confusing personal feelings I have are merely a condition of the late modern age in which we live. I even read Anthony Giddens, leading sociology writer of our time, talking about my feelings of being dislocated from my body. I thought I was "having a turn" but his chapter talks about it as "Ontological Security and Existential Anxiety" in his book Modernity and Self-Identity (pgs. 56-63)

So what does that mean, now I've found the answer? I think it might be a sign that I have to move to Wordpress. It feels like a new phase and part two of my blogging journey is soon to begin. Perhaps it means one more thing to do over summer.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to read and comment on our paper, which is only just in the review process, that would be wonderful. It also gives me a chance to try out the sSnips widgit (see below). Oh yes ... and we've got a page on our wikispaces for comments on the paper.

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