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Friday, April 08, 2005

Really blogging in two languages

I read both of Miguel Vale de Almeida's blogs and am intrigued by his use of different languages. His regular blog is in Portuguese. His other blog, webbing ring, is a blog for his fieldwork in Barcelona where he's doing research on same-sex marriage. (Spain is the third country in Europe to legalise homosexual marriages and give same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples.) In webbingring he mostly writes in English, but also sometimes in Portuguese. He also puts up news and stuff in Spanish.

I'm seeing an intriguing mix of communities (academic, anthropology, gay ..) and sub-communities (international academic, Portuguese academic, Portuguese gay, Spanish gay etc.) and languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish) and discourses (academic, journalistic, gay, ethnographic ..) and modes for recording and communicating his observations and stories (his blog, newspaper articles, books...).

It's the ongoing meaning-making and identity-creation that's happening in this straddling and crossing between communities, sub-communities, languages, discourses and modes that totally fascinates me and drives me in my own research.


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