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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Comunidade de Prática fecunda

Thanks a bunch for the language help for my presentation yesterday. There's something rather delicious for me about the expression comunidade de prática fecunda.

I'm not very good at listening to most presentations - so I make sure I never give a straighforward one myself. Yesterday was all metaphor with one Sala for the Igreja (no Século dezasseis) and
and the Sala ao lado (Sala2.0) for those of us engaging in conversations through and about new technologies for distributed communities of practice. I could just see people thinking I was nuts as I started my story... this crazy English woman speaking Portuguese who doesn't look like a technology geek and now she's giving the wrong presentation!

Feedback was very positive and I'm looking forward to the workshop which will start in the next week. It's the second time I've met most of the Rede Coordinators and it feels very exciting to start working with them. It's even more stimulating to know that what they do in my workshop they will be adapting to present to people in their own sector rede.

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