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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dynamic presentation styles: Community Informatics

So the Community Informatics Research Network conference in Prato in Italy is on. Our paper "Remembering and forgetting: a Review of Narrative and Technologies from a Communities of Practice Perspective" is accepted. (I'm on the advisory committee so I'd have felt embarrassed if it hadn't been.)

The conference theme this year is "Constructing and sharing memory: community informatics, identity and empowerment". What I like about the CIRN group is that it walks the talk. One of the best conferences (round table) I participated in was the Roundtable workshop on qualitative research methods for "Supporting community through ICT".

The way we used technologies at that Round Table meeting for an emerging community-based agenda was exciting. And that wasn't because it was my first time! And now the way we have to do our presentations at this upcoming conference is going to be interesting.

We have only 15 minutes to present and the first five minutes have to be questions to the audience. Then we have to develop our presentation either in response to the answers or as a conversation. Not only will it stop that excruciatingly boring practice of talking at the audience with power point, but it shifts the art of presentations from a "knowing" monologue followed by debate to one of listening, connecting and talking. Somewhere closer to the competence of "unknowing" that Nancy White and others talk about.

Straight after the CIRN conference is the 3º Encontro Nacional sobre Weblogs so I'll be stepping off the plane to go to Porto for that. Hmmm ... I'm going to really enhance my reputation as an inglesa with manias if I start making suggestions to the organisers for less boring presentation styles as well as the involvement of more women!

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Blogger Nancy White said...

I love that format. WOW!

2/15/2006 06:06:00 PM  

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