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Saturday, April 09, 2005


My son claims that nothing beats Portuguese calão (slang) for drama. It's probably a domain he knows well. He speaks and writes perfect calão in different languages (English and Portuguese) and from Bela Vista and Viso, two different bairros of Setúbal. He says he hasn't perfected his cigano calão, but then I wouldn't know.

You can't translate "Olhe azeite!" into English he explained. I can't put all my facial experessions and gestures into saying "Look here olive oil!" It doesn't work. And how can I show my contempt by calling someone "Rabbit!" or "Duck!"? It's just not the same as channeling my disdain into "Coelho!" or "Pato!"

"Just think," this sixteen year old reflected sagely, "if you only speak English, you will never know how to choreograph a melodrama well."

See ya, soiçe!
Ya = you = tu
Soiçe = sócio = associate = mate = chum


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that "socio" (original meaning associate or club-member AFAIK) has come into slang again. I wonder what the origin might be.

My friend Mário de Andrade of the Associação de Cabo Verde, Setúbal, has addressed everybody as "sócio" as long as I have known him - I always thought it was a Cape Verde thing.
Bill Williams

4/11/2005 11:28:00 AM  

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