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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Eating sushi properly"

I still have to write my reflections of the Blogher conference that I went to in Santa Clara, US. There is such a lot to say that it is quite daunting.

But I was reminded today, both in the many face-to-face conversations I've had with people about the conference and in reading Nancy White's recent blog entries, of what Noriko Takiguchi said during our shared session at the conference about globalisation and blogs.

Noriko quietly and articulately voiced her personal worries about a culture gap captured in the writing of blogs. She explained her resistance to writing "from the hip", or this idea of writing without care and love and attention (my words) as many people do in blog writing in Western countries. There are layers of culture and lots of assumptions behind writing hard and fast and entertaingly.

Noriko's blog entries are apparently about how to eat sushi properly. But I read them on a different level. For me they are much more than inofrmation about paying meticulous attention to what you eat, mix and cook it , how you do it and with whom...


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