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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Producing corrective measures for learning failure

So I'm asked to continue my work on a Pedagogy Commission whose objective is "to accompany the teaching activities and pedagogical methods of teachers, analysing the causes of insuccess (that is - the insuccess of students) and proposing corrective measures." ( objectivo de acompanhar as actividades de ensino e metodologias pedagógicas dos docentes, analisar as causas do insuccesso e propor medidas correctivas.)

Let me clear about why I can't continue this work:

1) I am more interested in highlighting cases of success than those of insuccess.

2) I belong to a school of thought (with its roots in Bandura, 1977) which emphasizes that learning is about observing and modeling behaviour we see about us. So to analyse the causes of "insuccess" at my place would have to begin by looking at the behaviour students were modeling. That would lose me my job.

3) I accept that my enthusiasm for the potential learning capabilities of our students is so overwhelming that I will be labelled an inglesa who just doesn't understand Portuguese Culture (the C word again). So unless I can learn to nod and say "Pois, pois ... " and give gloomy stories of my own I will never be accepted in the higher order of people who Worry About Pedagogy.

4) I have no idea what corrective measures means - neither in English or Portuguese.

A side issue is that I am also trying to finish writing my thesis. It's mostly about learning ... and it's from the Portuguese context ... but be that as it may.



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