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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bilingual blogging - um colaborador amável

Blind Tangerine Jones reminded me of Blogamundo - where they are building tools for bringing more translation to the Web. As they say on Bolgomundo:
There’s not enough translation happening on the web, here’s why:
* It’s a pain to edit.
* It’s a pain to look up words.
* People don’t have a place to organize translated content.
BTJ and his Brazilian wife keep a Webzine in Portuguese, O Bicho-Preguiça. Their bilingual partnership reminded me of the non-technical (i.e. a social) solution to Web-site translation that keeps occuring to me:

Why don't we work more in cross-lingual partnerships for keeping blogs? It wouldn't be so easy as it first seems, there would be a whole lot of social processes to work on - interpersonal, inter-professional, inter-disciplinary as well as the interlingual and intercultural.

I can see the potential for a sort of bilingual blogging match-making service. It would help you get hooked up and offer social and technical advice about how to make it successful.

It was JVC's call for a colaborador amável that really got me focusing on all this.

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