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Friday, February 24, 2006

Warning - irreverant post

Members of our very excellent Conselho Ciêntifico regularly gather together to discuss and make grave and important decisions about our future in these very difficult times.

They save us, the minions, from even the smallest piece of information lest it should disrupt the day-to-day running of our lives. We entrust to them our professional and academic integrity as they struggle to keep us afloat in times of uncertainty and change. Their piety and goodness shine out as they walk the corridors and acknowledge our presence.

My imagination goes wild as I read a comment by Petrach (early humanist in the Renaissance) echoing Faust's observation that knowledge and goodness are imcompatible. He says:
No one is a man of learning unless he is also a heretic and a madman, and above all, aggressively perverse.

All these signs of piousness around our place bring out the Mephistopheles in me. Perhaps I could go really mad and propose an aula aberta on BDSM so the Doms, Dommes, Switches and Subs can come out and play in the open. Who knows we might even see some learning!

There goes the renewal of my contract next time round. If only I could keep my mouth shut and focus on teaching more technical English like answering the telephone and writing memos, then my job would be safe.


Blogger Harry said...

You leave me curious as to who implements their learned decisions.

In my job, I am expected to implement the decisions of our learned "Comissão Executiva", who are always most surprised when I inform them that I didn't because nobody told me about the decision.

Wonder if I am man of learning. I seem to have all the traits!

2/25/2006 12:24:00 PM  
Blogger bev trayner said...

Harry - you obey learned decisions, you don't actually implement them!

All the dancing and fun stuff is going on in the room next door (or in blogs). In the room of the High Church you humble yourself and do as you're told.

That's part of the game!

2/25/2006 12:52:00 PM  

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