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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wanted: Uma Bloga Portuguesa - com certeza

Uma oferta com vinho e sobremesa para as BlogHers ...

Nancy White of Full Circle Associates is offering to sponsor volunteer bloggers, especially who blog in a language other than English, to the BlogHer conference in Santa Clara, CA at the end of July.

The aim of the blogger conference is to:
1. Discuss the role of women within the larger blog community
2. Examine the developing (and debatable) code of blogging ethics
3. Discover how blogging is shrinking the world and amplifying the voices of women worldwide.

Com certeza uma bloga Portuguesa!

Sign up here.


Blogger Nancy White said...

Sim, sim, precisamos uma blogher Portuguesa! Se voce pode fazer isso, mande me um email!

(E eu gosto da idea de vinho e sobremesa)!

4/14/2005 02:41:00 AM  
Blogger bev trayner said...

Nancy the "Bloga Portuguesa com certeza" is a play on the words of a song by Anália Rodrigues which has as its refrain "A casa Portuguesa com certeza, com certeza uma casa Portuguesa". In the song she also sings of vinho e sobremesa which I thought you would appreciate (well, I'm the one who would appreciate the wine). Fica bem a franqueza, fica bem ... I must be the first person to associate Anália's lyrics with blogging.

4/14/2005 09:18:00 AM  
Blogger Nancy White said...

When I was an exchange student in Brasil many, many moons ago, I remember a derrogatory phrase used about Portuguese people that went "uma Portuguesa con certeza." When I read the blog title, I had this little twinge from my "other" Portuguese language experience. It is good to see the other side! ;-)

Now I have to go see if I have that song on one of my Rodrigues CDS!

4/14/2005 04:44:00 PM  

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