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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Vitriolica Webb's Site

Since a friend sent me this link to "Unkepmtwomen" - a blog kept by an English woman living near me (in Portugal) I've spent hours reading and chuckling and gasping in admiration at her drawings.

In the name of Vit and Madge (although they are one person) she draws and writes caricatures of people in Portugal including her family, her community, tourists and all things that are, well, caricatures.

At first I felt uncomfortable, but found myself identifying with many stories - see the one about the miserable colleague who never replies to a cheery "Bom dia" and the miserable waiting in the bank queue. And the next time one of my students ever says to me (like ...soon) - "all foreigners love Portuguese food" I might just be a bit more honest in my reply and send them to her blogspot.


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