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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Squirreling with excitement

This week Lisbon Labs interviewed Pedro Cutódio in BloggerView . Of course I was excited - Pedro Custódio lives in my very own Setúbal. Yikes, perhaps I even taught him at one stage :-(

Some wise things from the mouths of ... someone who work for Sapo:

"Blogs in particular are an important disruptive development on the Internet and to the freedom of speech in general, as they allow everybody to lay down it’s ideas and gather some attention on matters so diverse as our minds can go."

And directed especially to me and other Chica Espertas:
"There’s a lot of creative people out there, and not all work for big companies, many of them don’t even work on the fields they love, so blogs will allow them to evolve in other areas, that not they’re own. All of us are creators, some just tend to explore it further."

About my world:
"Blogs connect people everywhere, the idea of a global network is turning to be more and more real each day that passes. I have people from pretty much everywhere reading my blog, that’s something most of us wouldn’t expect. They’re comments and personal messages, give me a window to their realities. And this global share of knowledge and ideas doesn’t seem to have a precedent in history, so it’s results in the future are unclear to me, although I don’t have any doubts that in the end it will be something mostly good rather than bad."

My aspirations:
"The most important thing to me it’s the emergence of a trully collaborative society, almost everywhere projects are being made that help people connect, share interests, and help each-other ..."

And what keeps me going:
"It’s easier to jump in than to ignore, and those who don’t will for sure lose the race. What’s the price of that remains to be seen."

Then the fall. LIFT.
"Laurent has some important ideas about the future of the web, and he’s trying to make an important happening with LIFT, maybe to open our european eyes to this major culture shift that’s approaching us, faster and faster… "

What's my problem? See next post.

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