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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

4 x 4

It doesn't sound very convincing to say I'm busy when I'm doing things like this. Tagged by Mónica André.

Four jobs I had:
1. Uncle Sam's hamburger joint in Brighton, UK while I was a macrobiotic and vegetarian student.
2. All round manager, digger-driver substitute, crew recruiter, tug hand for Coastal Launch Services Ltd. in Brockenhurst, UK.
3. Community development education worker for Leicester World Development Centre. Some of the projects I helped set up still continue with the Leicester Masaya Link Group; partners wwere Soft Touch Community Arts.
4. Co-ordinator of British Council Special Language Services in Lisbon, which is now called Professional Learning Services.

Four places I've lived:
1. Mombasa, Kenya
2. Brighton, Bath, Henley-on-Thames, The New Forest and Leicester,UK
3. Lisbon, Carcavelos, Parede, Monte Estoril, Malveira de Serra and Aldeia Galega de Merceana, Portugal
4. Setúbal, Portugal

Four places I've liked:
1. The jebels in Kassala (Sudan) near the border with Eritrea.
2. San Francisco. Laid back and very fab!
3. Lamu Island, Kenya which I loved to visit in my youth.
4. Florence because it makes me feel like I'm exotic.

Four TV shows I like: (although I very rarely watch T.V)
1. Sex in The City
2. SIC Notícias
3. Ali G
4. The Simpsons

Four places I've vacationed:
1. Seychelles
2. Marakesh and beyond, Morrocco
3. Durban and around South Africa
4. Sagres, Algarve

Four favourite dishes:
1. Fresh grilled fish in Setúbal
2. Gado-gado sauce on anything.
3. Deep fried goat's cheese with wild berry sauce.
4. Polenta with gorgonzola cheese

Four sites I visit daily, or rather four sites not in my aggregator:
1. CPSquare when there are good conversation going on.
2. Webist (International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies in Setúbal) because I'm waiting to read the reviewers' comments on my paper.
3. Escola Dom Manuel Martins, Setúbal to keep up with what's going on at my son's school.
4. Pixmania to stare at the CANON Digital Ixus i zoom that I want and can't afford.

I think I should only tag the people I think have time to tag, or maybe not:
1. Joitske Hulsebosch - just because.
2. Gukira - whose personas include voyeur, anthropologist, queer from Kenya whose blog is like a book I can't put down.
3. Pauloya because he was the first person I met for the first time on my blog and will always be special to me for that :-)
4. Nuri Martin, who I'm trying to encourage to blog - as if you couldn't guess.

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