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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Author's Addendum - retaining your rights

Thanks a big bunch to Jill/txt for her link to the SPARC Author's Addendum about how to retain the right to publish your own work.

I have never understood the business of signing over the copyright to articles I write and then not even being able to share them or put them on my website. It's not like you get paid for your contribution.

I'll try the addendum next week when I have to sign over the copyright of my article to Webist (Web Information Systems and Technologies) for the paper that just got accepted. It looks like such a hard-core techie-business conference that I was expecting some scathing reviews of our paper that takes a social perspective on technologies and learning. But it was mostly maximum points on all aspects. That was cool.

If I manage to retain some rights on the paper I'll be able to share it here."Participation in international online learning communities: a social learning perspective" by Trayner, B., Smith, J. and Bettoni, M.



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