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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just saying Yes to Microsoft

Here's a publication from O'Reilly which probably won't make great sales in Portugal where Bill Gates has been awarded Portugal's highest civilian award for his efforts to fight poverty and disease around the world. He has just finished his visit to Lisbon where he shared his intentions to share some of his resources with the Portuguese and Lusofone countries. We are now plugged in!
Just Say No to Microsoft begins by tracing Microsoft's rise from tiny software startup to monopolistic juggernaut and explains how the company's practices over the years have discouraged innovation, stunted competition, and helped foster an environment ripe for viruses, bugs, and hackers. Readers learn how they can dump Microsoft products--even the Windows operating system--and continue to be productive. The book also shows how to work successfully and seamlessly with computers and people who are still hooked on Microsoft software. Includes full explanations of alternate operating systems, such as Linux and Mac, and outlines various software applications that can replace the familiar Microsoft products.

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Blogger AndyR said...

It's a galling contradiction isn't it. Just like the great Victorian philanthropist industrialists eg Carnegie, the people who like to be seen to be helping to alleviate poverty with crumbs from their table are simultaneously doing their utmost to defend and further the very system which causes it.

2/08/2006 10:46:00 AM  

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