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Friday, April 14, 2006


After giving my paper at Webist I had a great conversation with Antonio Fumero from the Universidade Politécnica de Madrid. I'm sorry I missed his paper where he presented the European project iCamp. As it says on the webpage:
"The project aims at creating an infrastructure for collaboration and networking across systems, countries, and disciplines in Higher Education. Pedagogically based on constructivist learning theories that puts more emphasis on self-organised learning, social networking, and the changing roles of educators."

He also showed me inside a space designed by Permalink. It was an Education2.0 dream space where you could tag every post (or attachment), make your post a little Wiki space (or not) and where your entrance into the space was like an Ajax entrance with widgits for different applications. Plus a whole lot more.

What really tweaked my ears is that the aim is for you to be able to design your own space which you then use to participate in different communities. That is one hell of a conceptual jump away from registering in a platform or a discussion group or a community space in order to do a course or a workshop or belong to a community.

It is the beginning of managing an identity of participation across multiple communities .... and that is very, very interesting.



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