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Friday, April 14, 2006

Webist - 2006

I presented a paper at Webist yesterday - "Participation in international online communities" (which I've stored here in esnips). It was quite out of place as its history is so much on technology whereas our paper is on the social practices around technology. And I didn't feel like I gave enough context to be sufficiently coherent.

It was a weird sensation to be an international conference that was using our Institution as its location. I didn't feel free to go to any of the sessions because my office was upstairs with a thousand things to do and meetings and classes and ... Also I didn't have to pay for the conference because it was being hosted by my place - but that meant that I wasn't entitled to the lunches and coffees etc. which also made me feel a bit out of it. The boring bits of a conference are usually the papers and sessions and the interesting conversations that happen at lunch!



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